Welcome to the Homepage of AStA of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

AStA - You hear and see this abbreviation from time to time in the university context. But what exactly is the AStA?

The General Students' Committee (AStA) is there to solve your problems by giving you help with exams, study regulations and issues with lecturers. We can also support you with events that you have planned, e.g. in the student council or with other students.

The AStA is also responsible for the university's sports program. The AStA and its representatives for the Chair, Sport, Finance, PR & Events and University Policy & Social Affairs are appointed by the Studierendenparlament (StuPa) (StuPa) . The StuPa is in turn elected by all students via their respective faculties.

Session Dates

AStA Meeting

11th of April 2024

Campus Sankt Augustin

6 pm

AStA Meeting

14th May 2024

Campus Rheinbach

6 pm

The semester fee for the summer semester 2024 is 298.10 Euro (287.10 Euro, see note below).

The composition of the total fee for the summer semester 2024:

Germany semester ticket contribution 176.40 euros
Allocation to the student councils 6.00 Euro
Allocation to student sports 1.00 Euro
Student self-administration 13,50 Euro
Contribution to the aid fund 0.20 Euro
Contribution for Nextbike 1,00 Euro
Social contribution 100,00 Euro

(As there was a miscommunication on the part of DB in winter semester 2023/24, all students who paid the full semester fee including the mobility fee in winter semester 2023/24 have a credit balance of EUR 11. When re-registering, please only pay the total fee in the amount of 287,10 Euro .

The basis for the collection of the semester fee is the fee regulations of the Bonn Student Union and the fee regulations of the student body of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

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